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New PS5 Update Renders Multiplayer Unplayable [UPDATE]

PS5 update

New PS5 Update Renders Multiplayer Unplayable [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Sony’s PSN status page currently indicates that the network is down. Original story follows.]

Earlier today, Sony rolled out a brand new system update that added PS App and PS Remote Play enhancements, as well as a batch of other quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, after downloading the new update, users are running into a plethora of issues.

Most importantly, online multiplayer appears to be broken for PS5 and PS4 users right now as a result of the new update. Essentially, this means that if you download the update, you won’t be able to play any online multiplayer games as of the time of writing. Bummer, right?

For those who’ve encountered the problem, they’ve reported the following errors: “Can’t connect to PlayStation Network” or that the “Connection to PlayStation Network has failed.”

Elsewhere, users are also experiencing problems verifying PS Plus+ subscriptions, using the PS Store, downloading games, and redeeming vouchers.

Why this has happened is still a bit of a mystery. Clearly, the new update made some major adjustments to the console’s online functionality, which has resulted in a system-wide problem in the backend.

Sony has yet to make an official statement, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that the issue will be rectified sooner rather than later as online multiplayer is an incredibly important part of the PlayStation experience.

But what say you, though? Have you experienced any issues your end? Let us know in the usual place below.

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