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Martha Is Dead Gets a Terrifying New Launch Trailer

Martha Is Dead launch trailer

Martha Is Dead Gets a Terrifying New Launch Trailer

Today is the day many horror fans have been waiting for, as Martha Is Dead has officially arrived on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. To celebrate the launch, Wired Productions and LKA have come up with an eerie new launch trailer.

The video below teases the dark, multi-layered narrative of the game, which blurs the line between reality, superstition, and the tragedy of war to create a stunning and terrifying tale.

When commenting on the launch of Martha is Dead, LKA Founder and Director Luca Dalco talked about developing the game’s intense setting and themes.

“Martha Is Dead was always the natural next step for LKA after The Town of Light. The game builds upon our signature style of deep, multi-layered narratives to deliver a story that explores loss, relationships, and psychological distress, all while the mass hysteria that was the latter years of the Second World War plays out in the background.

It’s been a long journey for everyone here at LKA – one specifically tied to the countryside around us and the history behind it – but we think it’s been worth it.”

If you’d like to know more about Martha Is Dead, you can also check out our review of the game. Unfortunately, while the premise was commendable, the execution was flawed:

“The development team has to be applauded for pushing the boundary of the horror industry with its ideas. It’s just a shame that it stumbles so heavily when it comes to the execution and dilutes its strongest element with generic, repetitive gameplay.”

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