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Wraith & Octane Rank As Most Picked Apex Legends Characters According to Stat Tracker

Apex Legends, Wraith, Octane

Wraith & Octane Rank As Most Picked Apex Legends Characters According to Stat Tracker

Since its surprise release back in early 2019, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends has rewarded fan’s loyalty by adding plenty of new and free content. That content includes new maps, weapons, buffs and nerfs, and a boatload of new characters.

With the introduction of all these new characters and updates, Apex Legend’s meta has changed quite a bit over the last two years. While once characters like Lifeline and Bangalore were go-to picks for players, the fancy new gadgets and abilities of characters like Octane and Valkyrie have shifted the balance of play.

With the start of the newest season kicking off last November, we thought it was prudent to see just exactly which were the most popular picks for this popular hero-shooter. Below, you can see the results of the current pick rate for season 11 characters, all according to ApexLegendsStatus’ tracking database as of May 8, 2021.

Image Source: Apex Legends Status
  1. Wraith: 12.5%
  2. Octane: 12.4%
  3. Bloodhound: 9.5%
  4. Pathfinder: 9%
  5. Valkyrie: 7.6%
  6. Ash: 5.8%
  7. Lifeline: 5.4%
  8. Bangalore: 5.3%
  9. Loba: 4.4%
  10. Horizon: 4.4%
  11. Caustic: 3.8%
  12. Gibraltar: 3.5%
  13. Fuse: 3.4%
  14. Mirage: 3.2%
  15. Wattson: 2.3%
  16. Revenant: 2.2%
  17. Seer: 2.1%
  18. Rampart: 1.6%
  19. Crypto: 1.6%

Amongst the nearly 8 million active Apex Legends players worldwide, Wraith and Octane take the two top spots, with only a .1% difference in pick rate. On the other end, Rampart and Crypto find themselves at the bottom of the list, with less than 2% of people choosing their characters.

Granted, the bottom of the list does include a lot of newer characters, but that still hasn’t stopped Ash and Valkyrie from sitting near the top spots. What do you think of this list? Is it accurate? What character do you usually pick when playing Apex Legends? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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