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The Waylanders’ Medieval Teased as Full Release Looms

the waylanders

The Waylanders’ Medieval Teased as Full Release Looms

Spanish Studio Gato Salvaje Studio is preparing to launch The Waylanders from Steam Early Access, a phase of the game’s development that has been in since 2020. The full launch will for the first time give players access to the medieval era of its story.

So far, Early Access players have been able to explore the Celtic Era, meet a cast of colorful companions, and discover a land filled with primordial magic. Soon, they’ll be able to step forward from the past into the medieval period where stone castles tower over haunted forests and humankind has spread into lands once held by creatures of myth. 

“The second act of The Waylanders is about rediscovery. From changes to the land, the rise of new factions, characters reborn, and companions transformed much will be different from what’s been experienced before,” said Gato Salvaje co-founder Fernando Prieto. “We’re excited to see how The Waylanders community experiences all the changes that have come to this world they’ve been exploring over the last year and a half.” 

As with many RPGs, the story is all about who experiences it besides the main character. Mortal Celtic companions have long since passed to time and immortal friends have had to live the last thousand years on their own. Rebuilding your team of companions is the first step after leaping into the future.

The druid Amergin is one of the first companions to join your adventure and his story continues to intertwine with yours in the future. Unlike many other mortals you’ve met, Amergin has experienced many, many years—kept alive by magic that has slowly been fading from the land.

The immortal Mourian Seer Nazhedja has also traveled the last thousand years the long way around. As an immortal, her youthful appearance is closely tied to the flow of the land’s magic, and as it diminishes, so does she.

Here’s a look at Amergin:

And here you can check out a sneak peek at

And for those who missed the preview of the game’s Slave update, you can check it out below.

Twinfinite previewed The Waylanders last year, and though we were excited to see the game’s potential unfold over the coming months it was clearly in a very early access state at the time which was difficult to recommend. Subsequent updates have, however, markedly improved the experience and we’re looking forward to experiencing the final build later this year.

The Waylanders will launch as a full game on Feb. 2 for $39.99. There is 10% discount on the game’s price for the first two weeks after launch.

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