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Heaven Dust 2’s Launch Trailer Teases Old-School Resident Evil-Esque Horror on Switch & PC

Heaven Dust 2

Heaven Dust 2’s Launch Trailer Teases Old-School Resident Evil-Esque Horror on Switch & PC

Jonesing for a dose of good ol’ survival horror? Then Heaven Dust 2 may be exactly what you need right now. Indeed, developer One Gruel Studio‘s ode to old-school spookies, like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, has released today on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Feel free to peruse the new footage down below:

As you can see, while the perspective has shifted to a more isometric view, Heaven Dust 2 clearly takes a lot of gameplay cues from those aforementioned classic survival horror titles from yesteryear. Ammo conservation, environmental puzzles, resource management, nasty bosses, and a horde of undead zombies with a penchant for human flesh await you.

Interestingly, the studio is based in China, and is made up of only a two-man team. The game has been in development for two years, and is the follow-up to 2020’s Heaven Dust, which boasts a ‘Very Positive’ user review average over on Steam.

Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase Heaven Dust 2 on Nintendo Switch and PC for $14.99 (or your regional equivalent).

For more information, here’s a general overview courtesy of the game’s official Steam page:

This is the stand-alone sequel to the survival horror thriller Heaven Dust (it is not mandatory to play the previous game to enjoy this one).

After a press conference, a virus outbreak happens in the mysterious First Research Center.
In the meantime, deep inside the institute, Steve wakes up from his cryogenic pod.
He finds himself trapped in a living hell, surrounded by zombies, again.
He must fight his way out even when the dreadful truth is also approaching…

“Are you ready to escape from hell again, Steve?
Or should I call you… ‘Second Host’.”

– Classic survival horror genre, featuring exploration, action, puzzles, and resource management.

– Enhanced production value: Better graphics and effects, providing a brand new experience for players of the first game. Twice the content of the first game, prepare to embark on a 10-hour journey!

– Collect and combine, use various items to solve puzzles. Upgrade your inventory. Weapons no longer occupy space.

– Evolved combat system: Fight your way out with a dagger, submachine gun, shotgun, and grenades. Modify your weapons, upgrade them to the limit. Choose your weapon to counter different enemies, plan your strategy, seek their weak points, and destroy their defenses.

– Except for ordinary zombies, all kinds of mutated monsters had joined the battle too: Heavily armored Bone Fiend, regenerating Blood Fiend, approaching boomlad. And, of course, epic boss fights.

– Engaging plot, fun brain teasers. Players need to make an ultimate choice: Two escape routes will lead you to two different endings.

– Casual, Normal, and Expert difficulties for you to choose, suited to all players.

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