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Returnal: How to Get Back to First Biome

returnal get back to first biome

Returnal: How to Get Back to First Biome

Returnal is split into two Acts that each contains three biomes. The Overgrow Ruins, Crimson Wastes, and Derelict Citadel biomes are found in Act 1, while the Echoing Ruins, Fractured Wastes, and Abyssal Scar are the biomes in Act 2. After completing Act 1, it may seem like it’s impossible to return to the previous levels, but here’s the info on how to get back to the first biome in Returnal.

How to Get Back to the First Biome in Returnal

It may not seem possible, but you can return to the first biome after completing Act 1… eventually. You’re stuck going through the final three biomes until you beat the game. Get to the Abyssal Scar and beat the final boss, Ophion, to open up the option to return to Act 1.

After the credits roll, a new door will open up on Selene’s ship, Helios. It’s the door to the left of the large control panel in the middle of the main room. The door will lead to a black void with a strange structure inside it.

Walk up to the structure and press Triangle to warp between the first biome in Act 1 of Returnal, Overgrown Ruins, and the first biome in Act 2, Echoing Ruins. This is what it’ll look like:

Returnal Back to First Biome

You’ll need to use this structure to collect all of the Sunface Fragments and see the true ending since there’s one fragment in each biome and there’s no other way to get back to the Overgrown Ruins.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get back to the first biome in Returnal. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other useful info on the game if you’re looking to find more pointers.

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