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Riders Republic Community Update Addresses First Week Feedback

Riders Republic

Riders Republic Community Update Addresses First Week Feedback

Riders Republic has been live for a week now, giving players ample time to shred and sore throughout the mountain via a bevy of different ways. To thank and celebrate its first week, the team over at Ubisoft has put together a community update that addresses player feedback and lets everyone know about upcoming events.

The update came via a post to the Riders Republic subreddit, which you can check out for yourself right down below.

Hello, Riders!

It’s been amazing for the entire team to see your positive reactions and feedback on Riders Republic. Thank you for all the kind messages and amazing feedback!

We’re keeping a close eye on the community and take your feedback very seriously. To remain as transparent as possible with you all on the state of the game, we wanted to take this time to clarify a couple of points.

Unlocking duplicate gear

You may have wondered, “What’s the point?” when unlocking duplicate pieces of gear. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is no point. With your help, we’ve identified this issue and are working on resolving this! Thank you for bringing this to our attention through your reports!

Halloween events

The Halloween Events left the ShackDaddy Bandit Challenges List before the time was up and we want to rectify that! Therefore, we’ve added them back for one more week!

Sponsor requirements

Some of you were frustrated with certain sponsors asking you to complete impossible requirements as certain events were not available in the Free For All playlists when you received the request. These sponsors contracts have now been removed. Only sponsors with requirements that CAN be done will be visible.

Landmarks/Relics achievements/Trophy issues

We have received reports of missing achievements/trophies in situations where the landmarks were all obtained during the Trial Week or after finding relics, but the in-game counter did not update your progress. We’re actively working on a fix for these issues and will share more news as soon as we can.

Outfits in the shop showing items not in the pack

Currently, some outfits in the shop are not displaying the correct items in the pack, or not displaying all items in the pack. That’s a bug we’re looking into. Thank you for your feedback on these!

Matchmaking times

We’ve seen some of your comments regarding matchmaking times in Tricks Battle and Free For All playlists. We’ll keep listening to your feedback on this and will update you when we have news to share. As a temporary workaround, if you’re trying to matchmake via the rematch screen and it takes too much time, try canceling the request and starting from the gates on the Ridge.

Collisions in Mass Races

Some tweaks were made following the Beta Week but, for some, we haven’t quite nailed it yet regarding collisions in Mass Races. This won’t be something that will improve overnight but rest assured we’ll continue to try new things and better the overall experience as we continue to support the game post-launch. In the meantime, keep that feedback coming! The community’s feedback is an essential part of this process and the team appreciates it!

Progression bugs

A few of you are experiencing issues regarding not unlocking certain careers or gear necessary to progress in the game. Thankfully, this is only affecting a minority of players. We’re well aware of this and are actively working on resolving this! Stay tuned for more info soon.

Customization options

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the shop and the availability and diversity of customization items you can buy with Bucks.

– Firstly, now that the Halloween event is over, the Daily shop category will go back to refreshing daily. You should now see different items in the shop every day.

– About the unavailability of tops or bottoms outside of complete outfit packs: this is a design choice. The team wanted to design complete outfits to ensure a certain level of creative cohesion and group together pieces of clothing that matched. This is not intended to change for now, but we’ll certainly keep an eye on your thoughts.

– Finally, when thinking about how to customize your character, don’t forget about Sponsors Contracts and ShackDaddy Bandit Challenges! Those are in-game ways to get cool items (and they were designed as such). The shop is a very visible part of the game so sometimes it makes it seem like it’s the only way to get new items, but that was certainly not the intention. Yes, there are outfits you can buy with real money, but it was always a priority for our team to have a fair balance between free and paid content. You can check out this video on the subject if you haven’t yet:

What about the preorder Bunny Outfit?

We’ll have more news to share soon about the return of your favorite bunny!

For more information on Riders Republic, you can visit its official website. You can also check out our official review of the game as well right here!

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