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Only True Skyrim Fans Can Name The 10 Side Characters in This Quiz

skyrim side character quiz

Only True Skyrim Fans Can Name The 10 Side Characters in This Quiz

Skyrim reached the big one-zero back on Nov. 11 of this year and the game is still going strong on PC and consoles. Fans of the game have poured in hundreds of hours to see everything in the game and now it’s finally time to put all that knowledge to the test with this Skyrim side character trivia quiz.

By side characters, we’re not talking about people that everyone knows like Jarl Wulfric, The Greybeards, or Delphine. The Breton’s, Imperials, Nords, and more that you’ll see in this side character trivia quiz are some of the less-often mentioned people in Skyrim. Yet, any seasoned fan of the game should be able to name these ten characters.

Some of the people in this quiz are extremely memorable characters that most players can’t forget if they wanted to. Not every question is a super deep cut. Still, there are a few people that even fans who have been playing since 2011 may not recognize.

Do the best that you can, Dovahkiin, and don’t forget to post your results in the comments and on social media. And challenge your friends with this quiz to see which one of you truly is a master or Skyrim.

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Images Source: Bethesda & Elder Scrolls Wiki

Only True Skyrim Fans Can Name These 10 Side Characters

Which Dark Brotherhood member is seen here next to the Night Mother?
Which Breton mage is this?
Which Khajiit is this?
Which member of the Thieves Guild is this?
Which ghost is this?
Which Dark Brotherhood target is this?
Who is this alchemy shop owner?
Which inn owner is this?
Who is this Bards College staff member?
Who is this child?
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