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New Extended Trailer for Triangle Strategy Highlights Characters and Convictions

triangle strategy

New Extended Trailer for Triangle Strategy Highlights Characters and Convictions

Today during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation, we got a look at a new, extended trailer for the upcoming tactical RPG from Square Enix, Triangle Strategy.

The trailer shows us that 30 years have passed since the Saltiron War ravaged the land of Norzelia. Three nations enjoyed a brief moment of peace.

We meet Serenoa Wolffort, a young lord of one of Glenbrook’s high houses as well as Frederica, a lady of Aesfrost. The two are engaged to be married, though their nations once again find themselves in war with each other.

We’re also introduced to characters such as armmaster Erador Ballentine of House Wolffort, spy Anna Pascal of House Wolffort, kingsguard Hughette Bucklar of Kingdom of Glenbrook, and tutor Geela Breisse of Aesfrost.

The trailer emphasizes that the convictions of these characters will shape the battles that lie ahead, using their abilities to gain victory.

Triangle Strategy will feature branching paths where your choices and actions determine your conviction, affecting the fate of you and your allies.

Finally, the trailer shows off a collector’s pack that will be able to be preordered on the official Square Enix store. It includes a metallic nano puzzle to represent the scales of conviction, transparent playing cards with pixel character art, a four-disc soundtrack, and a deluxe handkerchief.

Last week during a Nintendo Direct, we learned that the developers of Triangle Strategy made changes to the game based on a demo and player feedback from earlier in the year, with improvements such as difficulty selection and improved on-screen visuals.

Triangle Strategy will release next year on March 4, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and is available to preorder now.

You can watch the full trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation below.

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