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Horizon Forbidden West Devs Discuss What’s Next For Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West Devs Discuss What’s Next For Aloy

Developer Guerrilla just released a post on PlayStation Blog discussing the future for Aloy in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West. The blog post, written by Guerrilla Community Lead Bo de Vries, focuses on character storylines and art design choices.

Aloy has traveled far in her attempt to stop the red infection covering the land, pursuing her mission for six months since the events of the first game. The sequel aims to convey her strength and emotional intelligence while keeping her relatable along the way, as she comes across new tribes, companions, and hardships.

Although she has made many friends during her adventures, she still feels like an outsider, and the truth is, she has no real home. These aspects of her character will be explored in depth as she ventures into the mysterious frontier of the Forbidden West.

Ben McCaw, Guerrilla Narrative Director

From a design perspective, many teams at Guerrilla have put many hours into developing Aloy’s look, animations, equipment, and dialogue.

Lead Character Artist Bastien Ramisse goes into a bit more detail by saying the following:

We also believe that meticulously placed details are part of immersion and tell an often unspoken story. At Guerrilla, we are always eager to explore and expand the identities and cultures of our tribes.

You can read up on everything mentioned above and more in the PlayStation Blog post. It even contains an Aloy cosplay guide for those who are interested.

And if you’re looking to find details on Horizon Forbidden West’s launch — along with its PS4 to PS5 upgrade methods — you can check out more of our coverage.

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