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Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Adds Rampart Takeover & Heirloom

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Adds Rampart Takeover & Heirloom

A new trailer has just been released announcing the Evolution Collection Event that’ll be coming to Apex Legends Emergence on Sept. 14. The event is adding a Rampart Town Takeover in World’s Edge, a Rampart Arenas Takeover, and her Heirloom. There’s a lot of new content coming to the game next week, so we’re here to give you an outline of the additions

First off, the Rampart Town Takeover introduces Big Maude to World’s Edge. It’s a giant mod shop made from a giant tank. There’s a paintball area just outside the shop that can hold a couple of teams, and inside the shop, there’s a Vend-It Machine that provides modded paintball weapons in exchange for Materials.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

The paintball weapons are fully kitted at different color tiers, so it’s worth the visit if you have enough Materials on hand. This makes it a good spot to visit mid-game after collecting Materials found at other POIs.

The Rampart Arenas Takeover is a little different. Thanks to Rampart, there are now modded weapons in the Apex Legends Arenas shop that come at a special discount. These deals change often, so checking back after a short time will show different options.

apex legends evolution collection event rampart

As mentioned above, this Evolution Collection Event is also bringing a new Heirloom to the game for Rampart. And like other Collection Events, you’ll need to obtain all 24 event cosmetics available to unlock the Heirloom.

It’s a wrench that has a gumball dispenser inside, which is par for the course when it comes to the game’s resident modder and mechanic.

You can check out all of the additions mentioned above and more in the new Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event trailer below:

This event is also coming with a number of patch notes that you can read up on in the newest blog on the official website.

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