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Switch RPG Bravely Default II Makes Its Way to Steam in September

Bravely Default II Steam

Switch RPG Bravely Default II Makes Its Way to Steam in September

Square Enix revealed that like Octopath Traveler before it, the Nintendo Switch RPG Bravely Default II will come to Steam. The wait won’t be long either. Bravely Default II arrives on Steam on Sept. 2, 2021, just one week away.

Pre-orders on Steam are available now, and those who purchase the game ahead of its Sept. 2, 2021 release date will get 10% off of the game for a price point of $53.99. Full controller support will be available for the Steam release, as will the ability to customize the resolution of the game.

Bravely Default II was originally released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on Feb. 26, 2021. The game focused on the four heroes of light, Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle on their quest through the land of Excillant to acquire four crystals of varying elemental properties.

Square Enix also provided a brand-new trailer to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Bravely Default II on PC as well. You can check it out below.

Here’s a description of Bravely Default II from Square Enix:

PC gamers and newcomers alike can soon discover the thrilling Brave and Default systems of BRAVELY DEFAULT II on STEAM, where great risk can lead to even greater rewards in the game’s turn-based battles. Players can enjoy customizing their party using the job system to find the optimal composition to take down challenging bosses. BRAVELY DEFAULT II features music from Revo, who makes his return from the original BRAVELY DEFAULT, and an original storyline featuring four new Heroes of Light. Full of exploration, charm, and strategy, the STEAM version of BRAVELY DEFAULT II also features controller support and various resolution options.

To further hype yourself up for the upcoming Steam release of Bravely Default II — and to get a taste of what to expect for newcomers to the game or series — you can check out the Twinfinite review of the original Nintendo Switch version.

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