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Riders Republic Gets New Trailer Showcasing How Crazy Deep the Customization Options Will Be

Riders Republic

Riders Republic Gets New Trailer Showcasing How Crazy Deep the Customization Options Will Be

Today, Ubisoft pulled back the curtain on their upcoming sports sim, Riders Republic, in a new trailer showcasing just how deep the customization options will be when it arrives on October 28, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox S|X, Stadia and PC.

For those unaware, Riders Republic is a massively multiplayer online experience that features a plethora of different sports. Mountain biking, skiing, wingsuit flying, rocket wingsuiting and snowboarding are the five main sports that you and your friends will be able to take part in when it launches in October. Feel free to check out the brand new customization trailer down below:

As you can see, there’ll be a ton of unlockable gear that’ll not only help to make you look super cool, but will also boast some potentially game-changing performance buffs. Plus, all of the gear can be unlocked by just playing the game (phew!). In other words, Ubisoft is making sure that the title will not have lots of microtransactions, which will avoid the title from devolving into a problematic pay-to-win experience.

For more information about Riders Republic, here’s an official description of the game from Ubisoft‘s official site:

Squad up with your friends and take on downhill races, dominate maps in team vs team competitions, or challenge yourself in PvP modes and Events. If you’re up for some insane action, throw yourself into mass races and be the first to cross the finish line (or the last one standing…). Brace yourself for some sick action!

Join more than 50 PLAYERS SIMULTANEOUSLY live on screen and witness other’s biggest wins and worst fails in a living, breathing world! Gather in vibrant social hubs and meet with a wild community of fellow riders. Ride on!

From snowy mountains to arid canyons, roam free in a huge open world comprised of iconic US national parks: Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain, Grand Teton… all mashed up into one unique place for you to shred. Now that’s what I call freedom!

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