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Red Dead Online Reveals New Diamond Heist Mission, Contracts, & More

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Reveals New Diamond Heist Mission, Contracts, & More

Earlier today, Rockstar revealed the brand new opportunities that Red Dead Online: Blood Money players will be able to take advantage of this week. Alongside three new missions in the Saloons Contract in Saint Denis, the Jewels of the West series continues to take shape in Rhodes, as the precious yellow diamond known as Il Sovrano makes its way through the area, ripe for the taking.

Red Dead Online

There were lots of other highlights included in the press release for Red Dead Online’s busy week of updates, all of which you can see down below.

  • New Discounts: 40% off all Melee Weaponsthe Bow & Improved Bow, and all Hats, plus 30% off all Role Weapon VariantsTurkoman Horses and all Shotguns
  • Nominated Series Bonus: Players that complete three matches as part of the Nominated Series will earn an Offer for 40% off a Non-Role Multi Horse of their choice
  • Bonuses for Quick Draw Club No. 1 Owners: An Offer for 50% off a select Established or Distinguished Role Item and Rewards for a free select Shirt and Coat, plus a Reward for the Halloween Pass 2 for free will be earned by players who purchase all four installments of The Quick Draw Club
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players that connect to Prime Gaming before August 30 will receive a Reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15, plus separate Offers for 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle and 30% off select Camp Equipment at Wilderness Outfitters
  • New Opportunity Mission: A precious yellow diamond, the Il Sovrano, is currently stationed at Rhodes with additional Rewards available: A free Weapon Component for completing its mission, plus those who capture it on Ruthless difficulty will unlock the Duplessis Top Hat for purchase from Madam Nazar
  • New Three-Part Crime Contract: The Saloons Contract will have players engaging in a shakedown of Saint Denis watering holes – and some owners will require more force than others to comply

For more information, including a new teaser for Red Dead Online: The Quick Draw Club No. 1, head on over to Rockstars official website. We’ve also got plenty of related Red Ded Redemption content located right down below as well.

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