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Red Dead Online Blood Money Launches Today; Full Content Breakdown Reveals New Features

red dead online blood money

Red Dead Online Blood Money Launches Today; Full Content Breakdown Reveals New Features

First announced last week, Blood Money, Rockstar Games’ anticipated major update for Red Dead Online, launches today, and the 5GB expansion is set to deliver a seriously impressive amount of content according to a lengthy breakdown sent to Twinfinite.

If you’re an avid Red Dead Online player then you’re likely to already be up to speed with the nature of the new expansion, but if not you can head over to the game’s official website here for an overview. In brief, it will see players take a dive into the criminal underbelly of Saint-Denis, working with some of its most notorious and dangerous criminals in a new multi-part series of missions called “Crimes,” as well as a separate series of new missions called “Opportunities.” Both are available to play either solo or cooperatively with up to six other players, and they can be taken on in three different difficulty modes according to your preference.

In addition to the two aforementioned new mission series, Blood Money also introduces a new gameplay mode called The Quick Draw Club, a series of four distinct rapid-fire passes in consecutive installments that offers cosmetic rewards to players. You can check out a full breakdown of all the content available in The Quick Draw Club missions below the general overview underneath.

New Bloody Money Content

  • Blood Money introduces Crimes – multi-part missions available in Free Roam in the form of Contracts – the first three of which will be available at launch with three more to come.
  • The first of three Opportunities in the Jewels of the West series, Red Dead Online’s first train robbery mission
  • Four new, 25-Rank passes, called The Quick Draw Club, rather than one large pass, making it easier for players to unlock items such as new Clothing and Weapons
  • A purchasable, optional, Hired Gun Kit containing Capitale, ammo, consumables, and a Hired Gun-themed bandana
  • The Haraway Outfit and Rebellion Poncho available to purchase from Madam Nazar’s Shop
  • A new tint for the Torras Poncho available at Tailors, General Stores, and the handheld Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Catalogue
  • Skill and Satchel Pamphlets available to purchase from the Fence
  • Blood Money also features an in-game appearance by real-life, Grammy-nominated American Blues artist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram as a mysterious guitarist first seen and heard in the official trailer here

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • A new menu system allowing players to select Free Roam Missions and Blood
  • Money Missions from Free Roam Mission Givers
  • The Nominated Series: A new matchmaking tool that allows players to “nominate” a mode to play, and to then join a series made up of the mode they nominated, as well as modes nominated by other players. This will function similarly to a jukebox; players can choose what to play in a series in addition to modes that other players select
  • New Daily Challenges
  • New Awards
  • Nvidia DLSS now available to all Windows users with eligible Nvidia graphics cards

The Quick Draw Club Content

The Quick Draw Club No. 1(July 13 through Aug. 9):

  • Dutch’s Redcliff Outfit
  • The Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant
  • The Rushword Shirt
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 2 (August 10th through Sept. 6):

  • The Rowberrow Outfit
  • The Haverhill Hat
  • Cartridge Wraps
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 3 (Sept. 7th through Oct. 4):

  • The Beadnell Sight
  • The Bagshot Knife
  • The Layham Jacket
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 4 (Oct. 5th through Oct. 27):

  • The Ibarra Mauser Pistol Variant
  • The Huntingdock Coat
  • The Forester Ponch
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

Finally, here’s Bloody Money’s trailer if you missed it:

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