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Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Offers More Crimes on July 13

Red Dead

Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Offers More Crimes on July 13

The Blood Money update for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online will add more mission types, a series of passes, and better support for specific PC graphics cards on July 13.

The first new mission type is inexplicably called Crimes, where players literally commit crimes such as holding up coaches, multi-stage robberies, kidnapping, debt collections, and more. The new missions can be done solo or as part of a Posse, or group.

There is also a new currency called Capitale, which can be found in Crimes missions by finding hidden chests or robbed from NPCs both alive and dead. Players can earn the new currency in Free Roam as well by robbing unlocked Homesteads and Camps.

Once enough Capitale has been earned, it unlocks another mission type called Opportunities. The mission is given by underworld boss Guido Martelli, who tasks players with different approaches to take down a politician. The first mission will be available on July 13, and the other two will be revealed in the future.

Rockstar is also offering a series of four passes, the Quick Draw Club, over the coming months with rewards and bonuses. Each pass costs 25 Gold Bars, can be earned by completing each pass, and purchasing all four will give the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free.

Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 player with eligible NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards will also receive NVIDIA DLSS support on July 13 and promises increased frame rates and sharper images.

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