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Madden NFL 22: Change of Scenery Achievement Guide

Madden NFL 22: Derrick Henry

Madden NFL 22: Change of Scenery Achievement Guide

The “Change of Scenery” achievement in Madden NFL 22 requires you to relocate a team to another city in Franchise Mode. This sounds like it would be quite the process to undergo, but thankfully, it’s incredibly easy in Madden, and will only take you a few minutes from scratch. This achievement will make you 40 Gamerscore richer if you’re playing on the Series X|S, or 50 Gamerscore richer on the Xbox One, and doesn’t actually require you to play any football. This is all done in the menus.

How to Unlock “Change of Scenery” in Madden NFL 22

To begin, load up Franchise Mode and opt to create a new league using the option in the bottom left. Here, choose “Use Real-Life NFL Roster”. This will allow you to select any existing franchise and use their real roster with unchanged stats.

Select the first option, “Preseason Week 1”, then it’s time to pick your team. Now, there is actual science to selecting your team. You want to choose the one with the worst stadium, as they’re the easiest to relocate, and that team just so happens to be the Tennessee Titans.

Once you’ve Titan’d up, you’re going to need to set yourself as the team owner. Scroll down under more options, and select “Change Role.” Here, you can switch your role from being a player to being the owner. This is important, as the owner is the only person capable of relocating the franchise. In order to do that, the stadium rating needs to be below 20. Luckily for you, but not so lucky for the Nashville natives, the stadium has a measly rating of 10.

Scroll down and select “Manage Team”. You will have the options here to either upgrade the stadium, rebuild the stadium, or relocate.

Madden NFL 22: Tom Brady, "Change of Scenery"

Choose to relocate, and click “Confirm.” The relocation will not take place immediately. You should see a message that says “I’ll check with a couple of cities to see if anyone is interested.” Keep an eye on your THINGS TO DO in a couple of weeks to choose a city.” This process will take a few weeks, but you can just sim your way through games to reach that point.

Press “Advance Week” and choose to sim to the regular season, then repeat this process, simulating one week at a time until you reach Week 5, by choosing “Next Week”. This is to ensure you don’t accidentally miss the window. Once you reach Week 5, you should see a brand new option at the top of your menu, that says “Start Relocation.” Click it and press “View Available Cities.” Select whichever city you wish to relocate to, then advance one more week.

You will now have a brand new menu option to choose a name. Click “Choose Name” and pick any one of the available team names, then advance yet another week. Once again, a new option will appear. This time, you get to choose your uniform.

Advance a week again for one last customization option, your stadium. Like these other options, the choice you make doesn’t really matter in terms of the achievement, so choose whichever you please, then simulate through to the Super Bowl. Finally, advance one more week to reach the offseason.

Once you’ve reached the offseason, the “Change of Scenery” achievement will finally unlock, bringing you one achievement closer to perfecting Madden NFL 22. While this achievement isn’t quite as exciting as some of the ones that require you to play the sport, it’s at least an easy handful of Gamerscore to boost your total.

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