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Life is Strange: True Colors Gets New Gameplay Footage Showing Alex’s Powers

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Life is Strange: True Colors Gets New Gameplay Footage Showing Alex’s Powers

Today during the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2021, we saw exclusive new footage from the upcoming title Life is Strange: True Colors. This trailer focuses on the protagonist Alex Chen’s special powers that allow her to see and experience other people’s emotions.

This new gameplay footage takes place during chapter 2 of True Colors after Alex has begun to settle into her new home of Haven Springs. This is all in the aftermath of the sudden and mysterious death of her brother Gabe, which Alex is determined to get to the bottom of and learn what happened to him.

We see Alex in a local shop ready to leave when her powers kick in, and she notices that the shopkeeper looks terrified. She hears her thoughts, reading her emotions with fears such as “my memories are fading,” “I feel broken,” and “If they know about my condition, they’ll make me close this place.”

Alex can sense how distressed the shopkeeper is and offers to help her. The shopkeeper seems hesitant at first, but Alex insists. It looks like it’ll be our job to help coax the shopkeeper and help her through these upsetting emotions.

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on September 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Stadia. The Switch version of the game will release later this year.

You can watch this new gameplay footage below courtesy of GamesRadar. For even more gameplay footage of True Colors, check out this 13-minute long trailer from earlier this month.

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