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Death’s Door “Weapon Master” Achievement Guide: All Weapon Locations


Death’s Door “Weapon Master” Achievement Guide: All Weapon Locations

There are a grand total of five melee weapons in Death’s Door, starting you with a standard sword, and leaving four hidden weapons at various locations in the game for you to find. The later the weapon can be found, the more powerful it is, with the Reaper’s Greatsword being the most elite, and the Discarded Umbrella being by far the weakest. Collecting all Death’s Door weapons will not only max out your arsenal, but it will unlock you the “Weapon Master” achievement.

These weapons can be seen as just another type of collectible in Death’s Door, which the game has many of. While the game isn’t overly difficult, making sure you’re well-equipped by the end of the game can make it so much easier.

Stocking up on upgrades and weapons early in the game can help accomplish this, and this guide will walk you through the latter, bringing you to each of the four weapon locations in detail.

All Weapon Locations in Death’s Door

Discarded Umbrella

The Discarded Umbrella can be found at the very beginning of the game, and is required if you’re attempting the “Academy of Umbrellas” playthrough, for completing the game using only an umbrella as your melee weapon.

As soon as you get off the bus, head up the stairs to your left, then up the steps in front of you.

Take a left and go through the security gate, up two flights of stairs to a platform with multiple staircases. Go up the rightmost upward staircase and interact with Chandler the Handler to spawn the first door.

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Go left and walk up the curved staircase, then immediately take a left up some more stairs. Go up one more staircase and you should arrive at a bench.

How to get all weapons in death’s door
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To the immediate left of that bench is a lamppost with an umbrella leaning up against it. Interact with the umbrella to add it to your arsenal.

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