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Death’s Door “Zen” Achievement Guide – All Shrine Locations

Deaths Door Shrine Close-Up

Death’s Door “Zen” Achievement Guide – All Shrine Locations

The hit action-adventure title Death’s Door, which was recently released for the Xbox One, really makes you work for the full 1000 Gamerscore. In order to get this completion, you’ll need to 100% the game, including collecting every collectible and maxing out your character upgrades, complete numerous missable and miscellaneous tasks throughout your adventure, and maybe worst of all, complete the game using just an umbrella as your weapon. This guide, however, will focus on the collectibles, particularly all 16 shrine locations needed to get the “Zen” achievement in Death’s Door.

There are two kinds of shrines in this game: Vitality Shrines and Magic Shrines. Upon finding one, you will be rewarded with a crystal – either a Vitality Crystal or a Magic Crystal, depending on the shrine – which can be cashed in to upgrade your health and magic. There are eight of each kind of crystal to find, with two being required for each upgrade. These shrine locations are scattered throughout the game. Some will require you to backtrack when you get certain upgrades, while others you can pick up along the path through the story.

Death’s Door Shrine Locations

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This guide will cover the locations of the shrines in each location individually. Under each header will be a warning if upgrades are needed for particular shrines, so you know to avoid them until later in your journey. Each of these shrine location walkthroughs will assume you are starting from the entrance to the level, via the Hall of Doors.

Lost Cemetery

The Bomb spell is required for the second shrine.

Head down and to the left, out in front of the building, and climb the two ladders. Head across the bridge that goes down and left, then ride the elevator down at the far end. Walk around to the back of this small building and climb down the two ladders. Head into the cave to your immediate right at the bottom to find the first vitality crystal shrine.

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Exit this cave then go back up the ladders and the elevator. Cross the bridge, then go up and to the left across the other bridge. Head up both sets of stairs, then take a left and continue until the ladder. Climb up and follow the path around, until you pass a ladder that goes down. Dropdown it, then continue down the stairs and ladders until you reach a cave entrance, which you’ll need the Bomb spell to enter. Defeat the enemy in here, then go up the ladder and through the door at the bottom left. Follow the path up two ladders to find the first magic crystal shrine.

via Maka91 on YouTube
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