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Death’s Door: How to Heal & Increase Max Health

how to heal in death's door

Death’s Door: How to Heal & Increase Max Health

The world of Death’s Door is filled with enemies and bosses that are going to do their best to drain your health gauge and cause ‘DEATH’ to flash up on your screen. As such, there’s a good chance you’ll be wondering how to heal in Death’s Door, so you can get right back into the thick of the action.

The good news is that there’s actually two ways you can heal up in Death’s Door. However, for one of them, you’ll only be able to heal in certain places, and only if you have a required item to do so.

Healing in Death’s Door

The first way to heal is to simply head through a door that’ll take you back to the Reaping Commission. This is the area where you can upgrade your abilities and the screen goes to greyscale.

Throughout each of the different areas you explore, such as the Lost Cemetery, you’ll come across pink keyholes. Interacting with one of these causes a door to appear, and heading through that door will take you back to the Reaping Commission HQ.

When you head through any door and return to the Reaping Commission, you’ll fully replenish your health gauge.

Healing with Seeds

The other way to heal is to plant a seed — an item you can find in boxes and hidden throughout the world — in one of the pots laying around the world.

When you do this, a plant will automatically grow, and interacting with this will allow you to fully replenish your health.

Keep in mind that once you’ve used a plant to heal, you won’t be able to heal from it again immediately.

how to heal in death's door

It will take some time to regrow, often bearing the health-restoring fruit again after you’ve died.

Upgrading Your Max Health

To increase your max health, you’ll need to find Vitality Shrines. These are hidden throughout the Lost Cemetery and the areas ruled by each of the main bosses that branch off from it.

You’ll know you’ve find the correct kind of Shrine when there’s a green glow that comes from it when you interact with it.

death's door max health

When you collect four of these Vitality Shrines, you’ll increase your max health by one additional segment. One additional segment will allow you to take one more hit before dying.

That’s everything you need to know on healing and increasing max health in Death’s Door. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite soon for more tips and tricks on the game.

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