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Deathloop Has Gone Gold; On Track For September Release


Deathloop Has Gone Gold; On Track For September Release

Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s upcoming time-looping action game, Deathloop, has gone gold according to the game’s official Twitter.

Announced back at E3 2019, Deathloop has followed a relatively stable path towards release. Although it was hit with a delay, considering that a pandemic unfolded between its announcement and its soon-to-be release, the team appears to have done a good job keeping Deathloop more or less on schedule.

Despite it being known by the gaming community for a couple of years now, we still don’t know a ton about Deathloop. The most we have been able to glean about the game is from a preview event back in May of this year.

A lot of Deathloop seems to be centered around a need to explore and experiment within loops to try and come up with new strategies and clues to help you break out of them, with details such as which time of day you approach missions leading to some different events.

It won’t be too long before players will be able to see for themselves. Deathloop will release on Sept. 14 on PS5 and PCs.

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