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New for Honor Trailer Reveals Kyoshin as Next Playable Hero Type

for honor kyoshin

New for Honor Trailer Reveals Kyoshin as Next Playable Hero Type

Today on the Ubisoft YouTube channel, a reveal trailer was released featuring the brand-new Kyoshin hero coming to For Honor. Although this character appears to be another katana-wielder, much like the Samurai, there’s a bit more to the Kyoshin.

The first and most noticeable difference between Kyoshin and Samurai is the lack of ornate armor. The first few Kyoshin shown in the trailer has what appears to be pretty basic fabric clothing with different headgear like a headband, an oni mask, a thief’s mask, and more. Just like the clothing, the katanas of the Kyoshin are much less grandiose and even lack a guard.

Fairly early on in the trailer, there’s a short hand-drawn segment that talks about the duality of essentially every human having the capacity for good or evil within them. The trailer mentions that this is a crux while simultaneously being a gift. And this is where the For Honor trailer gets into the more mystical side of the Kyoshin that further separates them from the Samurai.

Besides the typical slashes and stabs of this katana-wielding hero, there’s also clearly some kind of mystical presence that powers their abilities. Part of the trailer features a Kyoshin slashing through the air while black streaks follow behind their attacks. A short segment that features a Kyoshin defeating a Samurai in a single attack also shows off a magical-looking wheel appear behind the Kyoshin.

It’s unclear what these abilities do or how they’ll be implemented in gameplay, but so far the Kyoshin looks like a pretty dangerous hero to meet in the field of battle.

But the one Kyoshin ability shown clearly in the trailer appears to fairly reliably counter-act when two players try to team up on a single player. The Kyoshin has an ability that appears to stop an enemy in their tracks by surrounding them with magical spears, allowing them to kill a double-team before it begins. Still, it’s unclear how long this ability will leave the other player immobilized.

The Kyoshin hero is coming to For Honor on July 22, 2021 on all platforms. You can check out the official For Honor Kyoshin reveal trailer down below.

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