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Fall Guys Season 5 Coming July 20 With New Rounds and Limited Time Events

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 5 Coming July 20 With New Rounds and Limited Time Events

Season 5 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be adding new rounds and other modes with a jungle theme beginning later this week, developer Mediatonic revealed in a livestream on Monday.

The new season takes place in the jungle and will add six new rounds with swinging logs, lost temples, and mechanical rhinos. Here’s the full list of all the new rounds:

  • Treetop Tumble – Take branching routes in a scramble to the finish. Filled with perilous Log Swings and Expanding Frogs (yes, seriously). Who knows where your choices will take you?
  • Stompin’ Ground – What happens when the beans wander into rhino territory? Well, prepare to find out! Dash, dive and dodge in a hectic escape from three mechanical Rhinos. Good luck!
  • Lost Temple – Our most ambitious Round to date…and it’s a new final! Navigate the shapeshifting Lost Temple where the elusive path to the Crown is ever-changing.
  • Lily Leapers – Bounce to the bean rhythm of Lily Leapers. Keep your head on a swivel for that perfect landing as you conquer each layer by leaping from drum to drum.
  • Bubble Trouble – Bubble Trouble is a five-way arena bout that’s all about rapid-fire beans and bubble poppin’ dreams! Scurry between obstacle-filled active zones to collect your way to glorious qualification.
  • Pegwin Pool Party – Zoom down zippy slides and grab those pesky Pegwins. The longer you cling on, the more points you’ll gain. We hope you’ve got a good grip!

Season 5 will also introduce Limited Time Events with temporary challenges offering unique rewards, while Duos and Trios mode will be appearing periodically throughout the season.

Fall Guys Season 5 begins on Tuesday, July 20 for PlayStation 4 and Steam on PC. The game was announced as coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this summer, but was delayed to later this year.

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