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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s New Sigrblot Free Update Revealed With a Trailer


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s New Sigrblot Free Update Revealed With a Trailer

Ubisoft is continuing its impressive post-launch support of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla later this month with the Sigrblot Festival free update, which challenges “prepare for war before heading to Francia later this summer” in the upcoming Siege of Paris expansion. The update launches later this week, July 29.

This month’s update adds new one-handed swords, new skills to learn, festival-themed activities to take part in, and the optional level-scaling system that Twinfinite reported last week. There are also a huge number of bug fixes, too.

Here’s an overview of three new skills you can learn:

• Light Fingered: Eivor will now automatically pick up nearby loot with a quick flick of the wrist (without having to press the interact button). • Thrill of War: Gain adrenaline as long as you remain in conflict.

• Heidrun Slam: Press R2 while sprinting to knock enemies back with a powerful knee slam. • Idunn’s Heart: Passively regenerate recent health loss after a short delay.

• Survival Instinct: When at less than a third of health, hold -> for partial healing (Exchange adrenaline for health). • Wolf Warrior: Your damage increases the lower your health.

Note, players must reach England and complete one of the first two narrative arcs (Grantebridgescire OR Ledecestrescire) and be at least Settlement Level 2 to participate in the Sigrblot Festival.

Check out the trailer below for a first glimpse at what’s coming.

Twinfinite reviewed Valhalla last year and was thoroughly impressed, scoring the game 4.5/5. Since then, Ubisoft has improved the experience with several free updates, and a large premium expansion called Wrath of the Druids. You can find a review of the expansion here.

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