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Sonic Colors: Ultimate Level Revealed During Future Games Show

sonic colors ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Level Revealed During Future Games Show

Today, during the Future Games Show, a new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colors Ultimate was shown off featuring Act 2 of the Tropical Resort level. It was a short level but it showed off some of the basic controls and powers in the game.

The trailer showed a combination of the 2D and 3D sections of the level as well as using Wisps to sprint through parts of the stage and blast through enemies all in the blink of an eye. The specific Color Power used during the trailer was the Cyan Laser.

Throughout the level, you can see Eggman logos plastered across walls and you can occasionally hear him over the loudspeaker. We never see the mustached villain, but his presence is felt throughout this gameplay clip.

The clip ends with Sonic hitting the end of the level and doing a stylish slow-motion backflip which is pretty standard for the showy blue hedgehog.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 7 of this year. You can check out the official Sonic Colors Ultimate Tropical Resort Act 2 trailer down below.

If you want to check out the other game trailers from this event, then check out the rest of the Future Games Show right here or down below.

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