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PS5 System Software Beta Program Now Open for Registration

ps5 system software beta

PS5 System Software Beta Program Now Open for Registration

Earlier this morning on the PlayStation Blog, the Senior VP of Platform Experience at SIE, Hideaki Nishino, announced the opening of registration for the PS5 system software beta program. This same program existed during the last generation for players who were willing to be the guinea pigs for the latest PS4 system software. And this generation, the program appears to be fairly similar.

Nishino began by talking about their efforts to deliver the best experience possible to PS5 owners and he even mentioned a major update planned for later this year. But he didn’t mention any details about what features are in the works for that update.

After that brief intro Nishino got in the details of how a PS5 owner can sign up for the system software beta program. You can follow this link to get to the registration page. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page when you’ll find a check box and submit button to finish your registration.

Just keep in mind that you must fit this criteria in order to join the program:

  • You must be aged 18 years or older
  • You must be located in one of the following regions or countries: United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany
  • You must have a valid PSN account in good standing with a current email address
  • You must submit complete and accurate feedback to Sony Interactive Entertainment (“SIE”) about your use of the beta software in the manner and format requested by SIE

Nishino also went into detail on how the process will work once you’ve been approved for the PS5 system software beta program:

If you’re selected to be part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS5 console with an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. You will also be added to the potential participant pool for future PS5 system software betas automatically without having to register again. After the beta begins, you can restore your system software to the latest official release version before the beta program ends.

If you would like to check out the official article on the PlayStation Blog about the PS5 system software beta program, you can find it right here.

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