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The Beta for the Next Big PS4 Update Is out and Some Rad Features Are Coming

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The Beta for the Next Big PS4 Update Is out and Some Rad Features Are Coming

Sony continues to roll out some pretty substantial updates for the PS4, including the next big one – update 5.50. A select few people, starting today, have access to the beta program and all of its awesome new features that Sony has decided to share with us today via a sneak peek.

The introduction of the Play Time Management feature seems to be the highlight of the update, letting family members track the play time of the child family members on PSN. You can limit their play sessions, check their time for the day, and even add time from the smartphone app or from a PC. As some titles do not show play time at all, we’re hoping that there will be option to check play time without having a child PSN account. It’s nice to know how many hours of our life we’ve sunk into our hobby.

The other features are mostly there to help with clutter and to make finding games in your library easier. There will be a PS Plus tab in your library, so you can see what games you own from the PS Plus’ Monthly Free Games. You can also hide any apps that seem to always be an eyesore, delete old notifications (finally), import custom wallpapers from a USB stick, customize tournaments team pages, and try out the new supersampling mode for PS4 Pro users, which enables you to enjoy an advanced visual performance boost.

There’s a few other little things that will be coming in update 5.50, which you can check out at the PlayStation Blog right here.


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