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New Valorant ‘Origin’ Skin Pack Showcased With a Trailer

valorant origin

New Valorant ‘Origin’ Skin Pack Showcased With a Trailer

There’s a new premium weapon skin pack soon to be available in Valorant, and this one might actually have a shot at breaking into Twinfinite’s tier list. Called Origin, the five-weapon bundle has a cylindrical, futuristic theme that is plush with bespoke animations, sound effects, and a very swish finisher. It’s all on display today in a new showcase trailer from Riot.

As you’ll have seen above, one of Origin skins’ coolest and most unique features is its inspect animation, which spins the gun infinitely after the button is pressed. It’s almost hypnotic. In fact, come to think of it, I can see a lot of rounds being lost by players gawping at their shiny new Origin skin!

As for the price, they’re thankfully not quite as expensive as Ultra-tier list skins such as the Elderflame, but they’ll still set you back a pretty penny. You’re looking at around $18 per skin or around $70 for the entire pack.

The contents of the pack and individual prices are as follows:

  • Origin Vandal (1775VP)
  • Origin Operator (1775VP)
  • Origin Frenzy (1775VP)
  • Origin Bucky (1775VP)
  • Origin Melee (3550VP)

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