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Fantasy RPG Soulstice Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer


Fantasy RPG Soulstice Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer

The PC Gaming Show live stream just gave us a quick look at a new action RPG called Soulstice. The game is being developed by Reply Game Studios and published by Modus Games, and it’ll be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2022.

Soulstice is a coming-of-age story set in a fantasy city of Ilden that contains many mysteries, dangerous enemies, and more than a few magical elements. Players must take control of two sisters, Briar and Lute, simultaneously as Briar is all about melee combat while Lute uses otherworldly abilities.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Soulstice right here to see some of the combat and in-game action for yourself.

If you want to see even more of Soulstice, you can register on its site right here to watch an extended gameplay trailer.

You can check out the whole recording of the stream on the Twitch channel or YouTube channel to see more of the games that were shown off during the PC Gaming Show live stream. You will be able to see any of the trailers and announcements that you might have missed during the event. The full recording will let you have a look at everything that was showcased during the presentation today.

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