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Returnal Has Debug Cheats You Can Access by Plugging in a Keyboard, But Not For Long

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Returnal Has Debug Cheats You Can Access by Plugging in a Keyboard, But Not For Long

If you’re struggling to push through Housemarque’s acclaimed new roguelite within the bounds of its rather punishing ruleset or you just want to jump into a play session and have a bit of fun, you might be pleased to know that Returnal actually some useful cheats baked into the game. They’re not actually supposed to be there, though, so you’ll need to act quickly to check them out before an update patches them out of the game.

It turns out that Housemarque forgot to remove the ability to access developer debug cheats by plugging in a keyboard to the PS5. During development, the cheats are presumably in place to help the team quickly play-test features, but they should never have been included in the final product.

But thanks to the findings of YouTube channel TheRandomizer, it has been discovered that players can currently access the feature by doing the same. Although, as mentioned in a summary post by Reddit user JaytheAverageGamer, Housemarque is planning to remove the feature in a patch — possibly, the patch set to launch later today. So, make sure to turn off your PS5 online connectivity if you want to keep the option available.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s available:

  • Press & Hold shift, control, alt 1 to 0 drops your current level weapons.
  • Press & Hold shift, control, 8 instantly takes you last place ( First Cycle)
  • Press & Hold shift, control, 4 instantly takes you back to ship.
  • DO NOT USE 3 or 7 otherwise your game will freeze.

Importantly, players should not use Ship Respawn (Shift, Ctrl & 4) after Biome 3, or during Biome 4 unless they have beaten the game, otherwise they will return to the ship Location in Biome 1 with no way to return to the last Biome they reached.

Again, a new Returnal patch is in-bound later today that will probably remove this feature.

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