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Mario Golf: Super Rush Overview Trailer Shows off New Modes and Characters

mario golf super rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush Overview Trailer Shows off New Modes and Characters

The next installment of Mario Golf is releasing next month, and this morning, Nintendo posted an overview trailer showing off some of the features, modes, and characters you can expect to see in the game.

The Mario Golf: Super Rush overview trailer starts off with some of the basics you’d expect to find in a golf game, such as varying wind and terrain on the courses. It shows off different shots you can make, such as curve shots and spin shots. There’s also going to be a scan function to analyze the terrain.

You’ll be able to choose between traditional button controls or motion controls depending on your preferred play style.

We also see 16 characters to choose from in Mario Golf: Super Rush. In addition to the typical choices like Mario, Luigi, and Peach, there are others such as Pauline, Chargin’ Chuck, and King Bob-omb. Each character has unique stats, such as power, speed, stamina, and control.

There are a variety of courses you can play on both offline as well as online with friends or strangers, ranging from typical grass golf courses to deserts and lava courses, each with their own obstacles.

Finally, the overview trailer shows off three different modes in addition to the regular tournament modes you’d expect.

The first is speed golf. This is a mode in which every player hits their golf ball at the same time and rushes to where it lands to keep hitting it. It’s a free for all frenzy mode, and each character has its own special shots and techniques.

The second is battle golf. This is similar to speed golf, but the goal is to complete a course before everyone else, with each person starting on a different course. The first person to complete three courses by capturing their respective flag wins.

Finally, the third mode is golf adventure. In this mode, you play as your Mii character and learn from in-game coaches to gain experience and level up. You can then use your Mii with these custom stats in versus modes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 25 and is available to pre-order now. You can watch the overview trailer in its entirety below.

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