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Super Mario Party Gets Free Update Adding New Online Modes

super mario party online

Super Mario Party Gets Free Update Adding New Online Modes

Nintendo announced early this morning that they are keeping the party going in Super Mario Party by giving an update to the game that adds brand new online modes.

Specifically, the update adds online functionality to board game mode, 70 minigames, and the 2 vs 2 Partner Party mode. This will be the first time since Super Mario Party’s release that players can use these modes to challenge other players online.

The Nintendo website clarifies that you can play online in two ways: the first is via Friend Match, which allows you to play with Friends, and Private Game, which allows you to play with anyone using passwords.

Up to two players on a single console can play online.

All 20 characters and maps will be available to use when playing over the internet, regardless of whether or not you’ve unlocked them in the offline portion of the game or not. Additionally, 70 of the 80 available minigames will be playable online.

This update comes more than two years after Super Mario Party released in 2018. Many players had wished for additional content for the game, including the ability to play online.

The free update to Super Mario Party is available to download right now. Of course, you do need a Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription in order to use this new online functionality. You can find instructions on how to update your game right here.

You can watch the short trailer that introduces the new online modes below.

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