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Fortnite 16.30 Update Adds Neymar Jr Quests, New Bow & LTMs


Fortnite 16.30 Update Adds Neymar Jr Quests, New Bow & LTMs

Fortnite’s 16.30 update is rolling out and will introduce the Neymar Jr quests to unlock the famous soccer player’s skin, alongside a new mythic rarity bow, and a couple of LTMs.

Neymar Jr’s quests will be made available to all players who have picked up the Season 6 Battle Pass. By completing these challenges, players can unlock the soccer player’s skin, alongside a number of other Neymar-themed cosmetics to accompany it. One of the unlockable cosmetics is a Shhh. “built-in emote” for the Neymar Jr skin, and when used allows him to transform into his Jaguar Mech-style skin seen in promotional images.

These quests will also see soccer playing NPCs appear on the map, which players will need to interact with in order to complete the quests and unlock the skin.

A new mythic bow has also been added to the current pool of weapons. Raz’s Explosive Bow is a ‘heavy-hitting bow that launches 3 small bombs on impact.’ It can deal 98 damage to players with a single shot and has a reload time of 0.9 seconds.

fortnite 16.30 update
Image Credit: iFireMonkey

Finally, Fortnite’s 16.30 update will also adds a handful of new LTMs. Mando’s Bounty and The Floor Is Lava both return, alongside a ‘Shockwave’ LTM and a ‘Floor Is Lava Disarmed’ mode.

As per usual, there’s also a slew of new skins added into the game as part of the update files that’ll be made available in the Item Shop over the next two weeks. The week 7 challenges, due to go live on Thursday 29 April will have also been leaked ahead of time.

Thanks to Fortnite dataminers iFireMonkey and ShiinaBR for sharing all of this information during the game’s downtime. Fortnite’s servers are now back up and the game can be played once you’ve downloaded the 16.30 update.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, head over to our Fortnite Season 6 wiki.

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