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Valorant Is Getting a New “Infantry” Skin Pack Inspired by 20th Century Guns


Valorant Is Getting a New “Infantry” Skin Pack Inspired by 20th Century Guns

If you’re hankering for a more classic look to your Valorant weapons then the Infantry skin pack might be just what the doctor ordered. Revealed today by a number of sources, the pack is reminiscent of 20th-century weaponry from World War II, and it’s due to hit the store later this week, March 18.

Priced at just 3,500 VP (roughly $35), it’s one of the cheapest skin packs in a long time. Here’s the full breakdown via @ValorLeaks:

  • Infantry Ares (875VP)
  • Infantry Ghost (875VP)
  • Infantry Guardian (875VP)
  • Infantry Operator (875VP)
  • Infantry Spectre (875VP)

The pack obviously marks a huge change of pace from the usual sci-fi skins, like the recently unveiled Prime 2.0 bundle.

It’s a bit of a shame the pack doesn’t include either the Phantom or Vandal, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Infantry 2.0 pack somewhere down the line if this one proves a hit.

News of the Infantry bundle comes hot on the heels of Valorant’s latest patch, 2.05, which is rather modest in content but should introduce some meaningful changes that improve the competitive experience. You can read more here.

Elsewhere in Valorant news, Riot’s Masters competition is currently in full swing across the globe. Read about why you should be checking it out here.

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