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Biomutant’s Martial Arts Inspired Combat Showcased in Latest Trailer


Biomutant’s Martial Arts Inspired Combat Showcased in Latest Trailer

We’ve waited a long time for Biomutant, but it’s now only two months from its May 25 release date and the promotional material ahead of the game’s big launch is starting to wind up. Today, a trailer showcasing all-new footage spotlights Biomutant’s martial arts inspired combat system.

It’s more of a montage highlighting funky combat scenarios than it is an overview of how combat actually functions, but it’s nice to get a flavor for how creative players can get in dispatching other furry creatures of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

And on that note, the range of different enemy creatures, from hulking brutes to pesky critters looks impressive. There’s certainly a striking visual flair to everything we’ve seen from Biomutant ever since the game’s initial reveal way back in 2017.

Here’s the latest trailer:

For more on Biomutant, you can read a recent excerpt from a larger interview that explains why the game has taken such a long time in development.

For those who would like to see a longer gameplay presentation of Biomutant then there’s a 30-minute sequence from back in 2019 that offers a better overview of the game’s premise and design here.

If you’re already sure you’re going to purchase Biomutant then you can also check out the various different special editions available for pre-order.

Biomutant is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 25, 2021.

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