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Valheim: How to Mark Your Map

valheim mark map

Valheim: How to Mark Your Map

Valheim has burst onto the video game scene and has quickly become popular with fans of survival games and other titles that task you with exploring a world for materials to build yourself up with. Valheim also has a Viking theme which has endeared it to fans of that aesthetic as well. If you’re here, though, you’re probably already enjoying the game but are wondering how you can mark your map and ping locations in Valheim. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Mark Your Map in Valheim

Valheim does allow for players to mark their map with helpful symbols so they can recall where things are as they explore the area around them.

To mark your map in Valheim on PC, simply press M to open up your map, and on the bottom right side of your screen, you should see several marker icons. You can select them using the left-click and then place them anywhere on your map by left double-clicking.

Obviously, you’ll want to explore the map a bit first otherwise you’ll be placing them blindly. But when you do come across something useful, try to remember to whip your map out with M, and mark it down. For example, if you’ve created or spotted a useful campfire location, you could mark that down on your map so you remember where it is.

That’s all you need to know for how to mark your map in Valheim for PC. For more helpful tips, tricks, and FAQs answered for Valheim, check out our extensive guide wiki or our most recent coverage right here, along with a few other helpful guides down below..

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