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Valheim Continues to Prove Hugely Popular, Steam Numbers Show


Valheim Continues to Prove Hugely Popular, Steam Numbers Show

Iron Gate Studios’ sandbox survival game Valheim has proved a smash hit since launching in Early Access earlier this month, and its momentum appears to be gathering even more steam according to tracking over this weekend (spotted by Eurogamer)

Both Steam Charts and SteamDB have recorded hugely impressive numbers over the past few days. Peak concurrent players exceeded 360,000 across both sites, eclipsing the likes of GTA V and Apex Legends in the process to place comfortably within the top 5 most popular games on the client right now.

Its commercial performance has largely been driven by an overwhelming critical reception. Across media outlets and community reviews left on the game’s Steam page, there is universal praise for Valheim’s engrossing survival and role-playing systems, as well as its deeply immersive sandbox.

At this early stage of its development, you can count on running into a few bugs and performance issues here and there, but by all accounts, the foundation of the experience is absolutely top-notch. Standby for Twinfinite’s opinion in the coming days.

Until then, you can check out our extensive guide coverage by using the search function from the main page. You should also see some related content below that may prove useful if you’ve just started a Valheim playthrough.

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