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Upcoming MMORPG Crowfall Releases New Features via “Transformation” Update


Upcoming MMORPG Crowfall Releases New Features via “Transformation” Update

The upcoming MMORPG from Artcraft Entertainment, Crowfall, released a new major update that it is calling “Transformation.” The update is designed to make improvements across a swath of areas in the game such as PvP, player customization, new gameplay features, and polish & performance enhancements.

Here’s a look at the biggest changes coming via the update from Artcraft:

  • Advanced character progression system A rebalance to the already popular vessel system that extends character progression up to 35 levels, requiring the combined efforts of explorers, combatants and crafters.
  • Enhanced character attribute system bolstered by making each attribute point you spend more impactful on your Crow’s build and stats, while challenging Crows to make tough choices along the way.
  • The Return of Conquest Point Rewards as the key to achieving victory in Campaigns; with its own reward Track. Earn Glory, Wealth and Power for the gods—or claim territory on behalf of your guild or faction to prove your dominance. The choice is yours.
  • New Powers, New Disciplines, New Talents Even more options have been added to the list of over 100 disciplines (subclasses) and 1300 player powers. Players have more control than ever to shape their character to their unique role and playstyle.
  • The long-awaited final chapter of the Crowfall New Player Experience introducing players to territory capture and stronghold conquests.
  • New Lobby interface that allows for quick and easy movement between worlds and rulesets—and provides a vast and compelling vision of the Crowfall universe.
  • Integration of an in-game Crowpedia (reference guide) A dozen races. Eleven classes. 33 promotion classes. More than 100 disciplines. 1300 powers. How do players navigate such a staggering array of character build options? The answer is the Crowpedia, a searchable in-game tool that players can use to research and theorycraft the perfect build for any role they choose to play.
  • Multiple improvements to performance optimization across the game, focused on improvements needed to ensure the quality of the gameplay experience in larger player engagements—like a keep capture or castle siege!

Crowfall is one of a few MMORPGs that in recent memory had mega Kickstarters and big dreams. Crowfall raised a ton of money and had very ambitious plans on how it could shake-up a genre that has been dominated by a small handful of similar-feeling games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

If it can deliver on its ambitious “Throne World” premise (read more about that here) then Crowfall could carve out a niche in a genre that is difficult to break into.

Like many ambitious Kickstarter projects, though, the going has been slow. Crowfall’s Kickstarter wrapped up in early 2015, and the game has yet to fully release. That said, development has been on-going and the Transformation update is the latest milestone and among the biggest updates added to Crowfall.

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