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5 Promising MMORPGs Coming in 2021


5 Promising MMORPGs Coming in 2021

Ashes of Creation

Upcoming 2021 MMORPGs

upcoming mmorpgs 2021

Ashes of Creation is among the most ambitious game on promising upcoming MMORPGs hopefully coming in 2021, and that’s because of its potentially revolutionary Node System.

Nodes are designed to give players an incredible amount of agency on how the world of Ashes of Creation evolves and changes over time. Nodes are areas on the map that players can settle into and build up to over time. As players gather, organize, and do quests, nodes will develop from small villages to massive cities that will have considerable influence and power. If player interest drifts elsewhere, the cities will degrade over time.

PvP will be an important part of the gameplay as well. Players with like-minded goals will influence a cities development, and groups with different views that have a need for that city’s resource may decide to siege it and forcibly take control.

All of this is on the back of a traditional MMORPG style combat that seeks to mesh the best of classic MMOs and modern ones, and a class system that allows for lots of creativity.

It all sounds very exciting on paper and if it works out, it could make for a very dynamic and exciting end game.

Right now Ashes of Creation is teetering between releasing in 2021 and 2022. The full release may get pushed to 2022, but likely there will be something playable for a wider majority of people in 2021.

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