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The Witcher: Old World Is a Competitive Board Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

The Witcher, Old World

The Witcher: Old World Is a Competitive Board Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Designer Łukasz Woźniakis teaming up with publishers Go on Board and CD Projekt RED to release The Witcher: Old World, a competitive adventure board game that fans of the popular franchise should keep on their radars.

It’s not quite ready yet, mind you; Old World is to be part-funded by a Kickstarter campaign that will go live sometime in the near future. And that, essentially, is what today’s introductory video is all about: gathering interest in the project ahead of the campaign’s launch.

So, what’s it all about, then? Here’s the official description teeing up its story premise:

Based on the fan-favorite The Witcher universe, set years before the saga of Geralt of Rivia, the game explores a time when monsters roamed the Continent in greater numbers — a constant peril which required the attention of expertly trained monster slayers, known as witchers.

Five competing witcher schools trained their adepts through brutal regimes, and once fully prepared, these now-recognized witchers set off to explore the land, seeking trouble, adventures, and helping others for coin.

As for gameplay, Old World is a board game for 2-5 players who will travel across a map embarking on Witchery quests, all story-driven and grounded in the franchise’s beloved lore.

Combat and movement is based around a deck-building mechanic:

“The game lets players construct their own unique decks of cards by choosing from a wide range of abilities: attacks, dodges, and witcher combat magic — known as Signs. Through card synergy, players aim to achieve powerful combos as they utilize their witcher school’s hallmark abilities to their full potential. Quests, battles, and even dice poker will allow each player to earn money, obtain new items, and train their skills. Become the mightiest witcher on the Continent.”

Check out today’s video overview below.

In other recent Witcher news, Netflix’s prequel spin-off show recently cast its female lead.

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