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Riot Is Set to Nerf Frenzy & Stinger in Valorant’s Next Patch

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Riot Is Set to Nerf Frenzy & Stinger in Valorant’s Next Patch

It seems the Frenzy and Stinger are finally set for a nerf in the near future, according to recent comments made by Valorant game designer Nicholas Wu Smith over on his Twitch channel.

As Twinfinite has written about only very recently, the Frenzy has been a huge source of frustration for players who bemoan how its low cost and high rate of fire dominates the current meta.

The Stinger, too, which is the least expensive primary weapon in the game but offers a high rate of fire that is accurate while running, is another weapon that players have been crying out to nerf.

Well, it seems their prayers are about to be answered after Smith recently revealed that the Frenzy’s cost would increase from $400 to $500 when Patch 2.03 releases “in a few days.” It’s a change that means players will not be able to purchase the Frenzy and armor during the pistol round.

As for the Stinger, Wu alludes to the gun’s range having been adjust for the next patch. Presumably, that’s designed to ensure it continues to be effective at close quarters but can no longer compete with rifles beyond a certain distance.

You can view the full Q&A session hosted by Nicholas Wu Smith here.

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