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Limited-Time Mode Mando’s Bounty Coming to Fortnite

fortnite mando's bounty

Limited-Time Mode Mando’s Bounty Coming to Fortnite

Earlier today, the Fortnite YouTube channel released a trailer for a brand-new limited-time mode coming to the game, Mando’s Bounty. And as the name suggests, it features none other than one of the most famous Star Wars Bounty hunters, the Mandalorian.

This new mode tasks players with tracking down specific targets and taking them out to earn credits. Taking out others also earns you credits, but just not as much as your target. On top of that, the targets will also drop high-tier loot.

But just be careful, because after some time the Mandalorian will make his way into the battle. And like a good bounty hunter, he’ll track down and try to take out the player with the highest number of credits.

If you manage to emerge victorious in Mando’s Bounty, then you’ll unlock the Beskar Umbrella. Beskar is the type of medal that many of Mando’s weapons and plates of armor are made out of. However, this Beskar Umbrella is merely cosmetic.

Just make sure you jump on this mode quickly, because it won’t last very long. Mando’s Bounty is live right now and will end on Feb. 9 at 9 AM ET.

If you want to check out the latest Fortnite news about some of the new weapons, you can find that right here. The Mando’s Bounty trailer from the Fortnite YouTube channel can be found below.

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