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Destiny 2 Unveils Season of the Chosen With New Trailer; New Exotic, Cabal Enemies, Activity & More


Destiny 2 Unveils Season of the Chosen With New Trailer; New Exotic, Cabal Enemies, Activity & More

Destiny 2’s next season, Season of the Chosen, has now been (officially) revealed. Although the GameInformer leak took the wind out of the sails a bit, the lore heavily hinted at much of the content anyway which was confirmed in a new trailer this morning.

The Cabal Empress Caiatl, the new main leader of the Cabal, offers an “alliance” of sorts, which sounds more like she wishes to use Guardians as a tool against the darkness. She asks Zavala to bow and he declines. This sets off either a war, or a challenge of some kind, it’s not entirely clear.

Check it out for yourself below.

There’s a new exotic shown, Ticuu’s Divination, which is a solar bow weapon that can charge solar arrows that can track enemies. This is presumed to be the seasonal exotic weapon that season pass holders will receive at level 1.

It seems like it could be deadly in PvP. It’s not crazy enough in there right now so some homing arrow bows should really spice things up.

The return of Fallen SABER and Sepiks Prime strikes on the Cosmodrome were shown. These two have been rumored and are now confirmed. In addition, there’s a new strike called Proving Grounds which will unlock later in the season.

Three strikes is a surprising amount for a new season (even if two are reprised) and are a welcome relief to a playlist that desperately needs more variety.

There’s also a new seasonal activity known as Battlegrounds which will pit three Guardians against Cabal in what was described to Twinfinite as “ritual combat against Cabal’s chosen warriors.

Finally, there will new weapons and armor as well (thankfully). The armor set shown is the Praefectus Armor Set which is the seasonal armor set. And, according to a media sheet sent to Twinfinite, “over 25 Exotic, Legendary, and ritual weapons will be available to collect.”

Destiny 2 is in desperate need of new stuff as sunsetting continues to roll out in the Beyond Light era. So hopefully Season of the Chosen follows through with some quality content.

Season of the Chosen will begin on Feb. 9, and will run through May 11. You can check out the seasonal roadmap below.

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