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Reddit User Already Finished No Deaths Speedrun in Cyber Shadow

cyber shadow speedrun

Reddit User Already Finished No Deaths Speedrun in Cyber Shadow

Earlier today, Reddit user Nico_Bellic0_0 posted their speedrun of the newly released Cyber Shadow. Speedruns of new games usually show up within the first week of a release, but this one was posted less than 12 hours after the midnight launch.

Even more impressive is the fact that the run was completed without dying a single time. If anything this Cyber Shadow speedrun is absolutely worth checking out just for all of the close calls throughout the one hour and 19-minute video.

Still, there are a number of spots here and there where Nico_Bellic0_0 could have even cut down on that already impressive time. But that’s to be expected with a speedrun that came out about eight hours after the game released.

It’s clear that Mechanical Head Studios had speed in mind with this game since one of the trophies/achievements is unlocked by beating the game on normal in under three hours.

But it’ll be interesting to see how low speedrunners can get the completion time to with a few changes to strategies here and there.

If you’re into speedrunning, then check out our list of the best runs from AGDQ 2021. And if you want to learn more about Cyber Shadow, then check out our review of the game as well.

You can find the full no death Cyber Shadow speedrun in the YouTube video below.

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