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Hitman 3 Already Profitable; Has Recouped Development Costs After Just Seven Days

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Hitman 3 Already Profitable; Has Recouped Development Costs After Just Seven Days

IO Interactive’s long-standing Hitman series continues to prove a tour de force of the games industry, with its most recent entry enjoying a glowing. Today, in an interview with, the developer has announced its commercial success has been equally impressive; Hitman 3 has already generated enough revenue to recoup development costs just seven days after its launch.

IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak explains:

“It has been a labor of love between our fans and everyone at the studio. As the developer and publisher, we are immensely proud that we can say Hitman 3 is already profitable. We have recouped the total project costs in less than a week. That puts us in a really good place and allows us to confidently move forward with our ambitious plans for future projects.”

Following its parting ways with publisher Square Enix, Hitman 3 is the first title IO Interactive has fully self-published. Abrak suggests that the team’s intimate knowledge of the series and its passion to meet the high expectations of its long-serving community makes IO a “very effective” publisher, with the marketing team working closely with the dev side throughout the entire project.

IO Interactive will presumably be putting Hitman on ice for a while moving forward as it prepares to properly get underway developing its anticipated James Bond game.

Confirmation of Hitman 3’s commercial success today isn’t entirely surprising given that IO Interactive announced just last week that the game had enjoyed the biggest digital launch in the franchise’s history.

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