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Deep Rock Galactic Sold Two Million Units Since Launch

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Sold Two Million Units Since Launch

Cooperative first-person shooter and mining game Deep Rock Galactic has sold more than two million units since its launch, developer Ghost Ship games announced in a Steam blog post today.

The studio said that the number accounts across Steam, Windows 10 PC, and Xbox One since it launched into Steam Early Access and the Xbox Game Preview program in 2018.

According to the graphic in the announcement post, Deep Rock Galactic sold 502,312 units in 2018, 404,213 units in 2019, and 1,180,595 in 2020. The high increase in 2020 was attributed to the game leaving all forms of early access and officially launching last May as the number of daily active users was at its highest at that time.

The graphic also touted average time spent with Steam users and social media followers across Steam, Reddit, and Discord. It also counted 106 million player deaths across both platforms in 2020 alone, though 88 million of those deaths were revived. Approximately 20,839,143 players died to fall damage, followed by the common Glyphid Grunt enemy with 9,754,066 deaths, and friendly fire reached third with 7,471,595 deaths.

Deep Rock Galactic is now available on Steam, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

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