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Latest Ooblets Update, Coldyrain, Adds Snowy Weather & New Friend


Latest Ooblets Update, Coldyrain, Adds Snowy Weather & New Friend

The latest update for the popular life simulator, Ooblets, has released and it has a timely snowy theme to it. The update, known as Coldyrain, adds new snowy weather, plant heaters, meltilizer, and snowplops… whatever all that is!

Also, there’s a a new friend known as Wuddlin who appears to be a monkey-penguin hybrid thing? Whatever, it’s cute. You can check it out too below.

According to the devs, the Coldyrain update will usher in a new snowier version of Badgetown. From now until late January, it will be “extra snowy” and after that it will still snow, but randomly as opposed to more frequently than normal.

Twinfinite enjoyed Ooblets quite a bit last time we checked in back in July. It has a unique blend of both life-simulation and more casual RPG games. Guides editor Chris Jecks described it in this way:

Take two cups of Stardew Valley and stir in one cup of Pokemon, give the mixture a sprinkling of Animal Crossing, and top it off with a hefty dollop of cuteness, and there you have Ooblets — the latest indie to capture our hearts with compelling gameplay and a heartwarming feel.

Ooblets was made available via early access back in July of this year, and remains in early access as the indie development team of Glumberland continue to work and add to the game.

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