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Lights Go Out on Old Destiny 2 Destinations as Seasonal Live Event Concludes


Lights Go Out on Old Destiny 2 Destinations as Seasonal Live Event Concludes

Destiny 2’s second ever seasonal live event went down tonight and it was a bit more involved than last season’s Almighty Event. Players were invited to previously inaccessible area of the Tower to watch as the Travelers twitched and healed in order to provide Guardians with just enough cover from the Darkness.

Like the previous live event, it was mostly a bunch of sitting around and watching, but at least this time around it went down a bit quicker and it was more interesting to look at. If nothing else you got to run around a new area of the Tower with quickening.

The event started in earnest with a new quest popping up inviting players to the aforementioned area of the Tower. You could run around and get a decent look at the Traveler from here. Energy swirled around the Tower and it was quite pretty to look at.

Here’s a shot of the Traveler that I took during a popular Destiny 2 YouTuber’s stream, Aztecross, who had an absolutely perfect view. This was actually before players were shuffled over to the new area, but it was essentially the same look for a while, slowly getting more and more intense.

Eventually, the Traveler’s pulsing would continue to escalate and Eris Morn began to speak about how the Traveler may be gathering power to try and drive away the Darkness. Considering everything we already know about Beyond Light, we know that’s not the case.

Shortly after Destiny 2 players were kicked from the server, but not before a cutscene on the Director screen which showed the areas that are getting removed from the game: Mars, Mercury, Titan, and Io ominously going dark and the Traveler presumably activating again to protect the remaining areas.

All in all it was a neat and fitting way to end the Shadowkeep era, and kick off Destiny 2’s adventures in Europa starting tomorrow when Beyond Light formally launches.

If you’d like to see how it ended, check out Aztecross’s stream here. I’ve linked to a time stamp that cuts to the last few moments before the server goes down and when Eris Morn starts to speak.

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