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Terraria’s Final Content Update Releases October 13


Terraria’s Final Content Update Releases October 13

Terraria developer Re-Logic announced that the final content update for the game will be releasing on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

The 1.4.1 update, called Journey’s Actual End, will include “the final NPC, new achievements, lots of balance changes, bug fixes, new vanity, and the long-requested game credits (done Terraria style),” according to the short trailer’s description.

The studio released the final expansion for Terraria, Journey’s End or the 1.4 update, on PC last May to coincide with the game’s 9th anniversary. The “final” major update contained new enemies, over 800 items, an ultra-hardcore difficulty mode, an in-game Bestiary, and more.

The 1.4.1 update will be coming to the PC first, while console versions have not received the 1.4 update yet. The studio said last May that the Journey’s End expansion would be coming to console, but did not announce a date.

The game originally launched in 2011 for PC and has been ported across two console generations, handheld consoles, and mobile. It has been supported with new content through free updates since its launch and has sold over 30 million copies in its lifetime as of last March.

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